russia-cast-adriftThis is the time. The Romanoffs hold court, but the great divide between the Aristocrats and the Common Folk is growing too wide. And then it’s 1917 – and the whole thing comes crumbling down. From the ashes, the great promise, the new way: Communism. And of course, the even greater disappointment that follows.

But what of the music? Did it hold a mirror up to this turbulent time, reflecting its unrest? Did it tell an otherwise unspeakable, hidden truth? Or was it an escape for the composers, living and writing in a country that they loved but that, daily, became more and more foreign to them? The lives and music of such giants as Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Tcherepnin, Rachmaninoff and Sviridov, in a time of great tragedy, great change, great hope.


Nathalie Paulin, soprano
Emilia Boteva, mezzo soprano
Ernesto Ramirez, tenor
Geoffrey Sirett, baritone
Inna Perkis, piano
Boris Zarankin, piano

Concert held on September 27, 2015

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