20th Season: 2014-2015

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June 7, 2015
20th Anniversary Gala

We are thrilled to announce that we will be celebrating our 20th birthday in style, with some of Off Centre’s favourite artists (and Canadian treasures!) Isabel Bayrakdarian, Russell Braun, Krisztina Szabo, Nathalie Paulin, Norine Burgess, Joni Henson, Jeffrey Hill, Elina Kelebeev, Joseph Macerollo, Carolyn Maule, Christopher Mokrzewski, Jimmy Roberts, Lauren Segal, Alexander Sevastian, James Westman, Monica Whicher and Ilana Zarankin among many others. Dr. David Goldbloom, is our Master of Ceremonies.

April 26, 2015
Old, Young, Eternal Vienna: from Mozart to Schoenberg
In a program that spans from Mozart to Schoenberg, we time-travel to Vienna’s many heydays, when the city was at the epicenter of musical innovation. The program will include Schoenberg’s epic Pierrot Lunaire with a stellar cast including violinist Steven Dann, cellist Julie Hereish, flutist Susan Hoeppner, clarinetist Yao Guang Zhai, pianist Boris Zarankin and sprecher Ilana Zarankin under the baton of Kenneth Slowik.

This concert is co-sponsored by ROGER MOORE & FLAVIA MORDEN.

May 14, 2015 // special concert at The Music Gallery, 197 John Street, Toronto

The Party is a wistfully imagined meeting of our favourite and diverse composer friends on one programme. The RSVPs are still pending, but we have invited Classical composers Christopher Mayo (Toronto-born, London-based) and Shawn Jaeger (Kentucky-born, New York-based), and Jazz composers Anna Webber (Kelowna-born, New York-based) and Michael Davidson (Toronto born and based) to join us for an eclectic musical celebration featuring new and old (but not too old) works by each of these composers. We will also be featuring a piece by prolific 20th century Ukrainian composer Valentin Bibik. While some of our composer-friends will also be performing we have filled out the ranks with Daniel Fortin and Daniel Lalonde (Double Basses), David French (clarinet), Boris Zarankin (piano) and ourselves, Ilana Zarankin (voice) and Nico Dann (drums/percussion). Keeping the conversation flowing (and the proverbial wine glasses full) is host and singer Alex Samaras.

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