Announcing our
29th Season

Nevertheless… back to Vienna

Off Centre Music Salon presents:
Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes,
a Bechstein Piano and Boris:
Telling Life Stories

An “Off Centre” Art Film - conceived and developed by Inna Perkis and Boris Zarankin
Introduction and historical context provided by Dr. Julia Zarankin

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Second concert of 2023-2024 season

June 9th, 2024


The Secret Hero of the 19th Century

Featuring: Erica Iris Huang, mezzo-soprano; Elina Kelebeev, piano; Inna Perkis, piano; Ernesto Ramirez, tenor; Boris Zarankin, piano; Ilana Zarankin, Soprano; Dr. Julia Zarankin

From Glenn Gould to Oscar Peterson
to Boris Zarankin, a piano is a very individual choice

From William Littler at Toronto Star
Pianos are more individual than is sometimes realized. When I was on the jury of the Sydney International Piano Competition in Australia, I noticed that the contestants were offered a choice of four different pianos. Although most initially chose Steinway, by the final round some switched allegiance to Yamaha. Steinway had neglected to send a technician to maintain its piano in tip-top condition.

Boris Zarankin’s 1879 Bechstein from Berlin was by no means in tip-top condition when the Toronto pianist bought it in Seattle many years ago. But after submitting it to a thorough restoration, he found it to be an ideal agent for his recording of Shostakovich’s “24 Preludes.”

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