Ernesto Ramirez | Tenor

ROBERTO DEVEREUX, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto

On May 10, 2014, Ramirez stepped in on short notice to sing the title role of Roberto Devereux at the Canadian Opera Company

“Ernesto Ramirez, who was the cover for Roberto Devereux, got the nod today.  Knowing that people were coming to see Radvanovsky from all over the world, I can imagine the pressure Ramirez must have felt when he was told he’d be getting a performance.  And so –speaking of theatrical drama– this was the classic drama within a drama.”

“Ramirez knows who he is.  The singing was thoughtful, well-planned.  I have not heard a performance that was so accurately pitched in a very long time. Every single note was exactly on pitch, including two high B’s in his final scene.”