"And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

We arrived in Vienna on February 1st, 1978. Two wide-eyed kids in their twenties with 14 suitcases of books and music, obligatory Russian trinkets to sell at the flea market, and our sleepy three-year-old daughter. We had left behind family, friends, teachers, our language and all that was familiar to us.

But there we were. In Vienna. The mythologized city. And in spite of the uncertainty of what was to come, of our future, those first moments were, in many ways magical and dream-like. Thousands of miles from home, we were HOME.

Now in its 21st Anniversary Season, Off Centre Music Salon began as an attempt to find that same magical feeling of HOME. At a time when the concert hall experience had become almost clinical in its austerity, we felt the need, more than ever, to go back to the familiar and inclusive atmosphere of the Viennese Salon.

These past 21 years have seen a global move toward embracing smaller ventures, grassroots, locally-sourced, home-grown projects that mean more to us by virtue of being made by us, and a part of us. 21 years later, Off Centre Music Salon is still committed to curating intimate concerts that tell a story and create personal connection for audience and performer alike.

We are so thrilled that you have been with us all these years - and we look forward to welcoming you again (or for the first time) in our new location at Trinity-St.Paul's Centre.

We have quite a season ahead - join us as we open this new window and enjoy the view together.

Inna Perkins and Boris Zarankin
Founders and Artistic Directors
Off Centre Music Salon
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Photo by: Elise Newman