Off Centre Music Salon presents: Shostakovich 24 Preludes, a Bechstein Piano and Boris: Telling Life Stories

An "Off Centre" art film, conceived and developed by Inna Perkis and Boris Zarankin

Shostakovich's 24 Preludes for piano, Opus 34 performed on an 1879 Bechstein concert grand piano by Boris Zarankin. Introduction and historical context provided by Dr. Julia Zarankin.

From Glenn Gould to Oscar Peterson
to Boris Zarankin, a piano is a very individual choice

From William Littler at Toronto Star
Pianos are more individual than is sometimes realized. When I was on the jury of the Sydney International Piano Competition in Australia, I noticed that the contestants were offered a choice of four different pianos. Although most initially chose Steinway, by the final round some switched allegiance to Yamaha. Steinway had neglected to send a technician to maintain its piano in tip-top condition.

Boris Zarankin’s 1879 Bechstein from Berlin was by no means in tip-top condition when the Toronto pianist bought it in Seattle many years ago. But after submitting it to a thorough restoration, he found it to be an ideal agent for his recording of Shostakovich’s “24 Preludes.”

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