1889 in Paris and Vienna

Paris, 1889. Millions of visitors flock to Paris to witness the great wonders of an ever-expanding and brave new world. Among them, a young Claude Debussy strolls though the Exposition Universelle and is transfixed by the music of the Javanese gamelan. Just over 1000 km away, in Vienna, there is great
turmoil. The Crown Prince Rudolf has committed suicide. The fate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire hangs in the balance. Join us as we visit this auspicious moment in history, through the lens of its most exciting compositions.

Helen BECQUE , piano
Stephen CERA, host
Shannon MERCER, soprano
Inna PERKIS, piano
Mark SKAZINETSKY, violin
Krisztina SZABĂ“, mezzo soprano
William WEBSTER, actor
Boris ZARANKIN, piano