Joseph Macerollo

His textbook, The Accordion Resource Manual, stands as a marvelous achievement of methodology and scholarship and is widely used by composers and researchers for insights into the instrument. Awards received include a Guelph Civic Ring of his native city (1964), Mississauga Musician of the Year (1987), Lifetime Achievement Award from the Toronto Musicians’ Association (2009). Spearheaded the production of Schafer’s Patria works The Enchanted Forest (2002 and 2005) and The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix (2003 and 2006) at Pontypool, Ontario and The Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. Most notable accordion achievement was the International Accordion Festival in Toronto in 1993, with artists from 25 countries performing in 89 new compositions which included The Toronto Symphony, Esprit Orchestra, New Music Concerts (various chamber ensembles). The highlight was R. Murray Schafer’s Accordion Concerto premiered with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for and with Macerollo.