Of course the number itself is a palindrome – and only the second one in Off Centre history. While we are certainly not mathematicians, even we cannot help but take note of the amazing coincidence: 2+2 = 2 x 2 = 2² = FOUR. What an incredible number!! And, as if that wasn’t enough, our first grandson was born this past year on the 4th day of the month. How could we not be smitten?

Four memories. Four seasons. Four winds. Four cardinal points. Four-part harmony. Four hands. We are fascinated by this mysterious number. On the fourth day of Creation, the stars appear… and in this our 22nd season, we are feeling that our own stars are aligning with four exciting programs that we cannot wait to share with you.

This season, Off Centre Music Salon continues to curate intimate concerts that tell a story and create personal connection for audience and performer alike. We are thrilled to be welcoming you back to the atmosphere of the 19th Century Viennese Salon, but here, in our Toronto home at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre.

Inna Perkis and Boris Zarankin
Founders and Artistic Directors
Off Centre Music Salon
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Photo by: Elise Newman